Portable Left Foot Accelerator

The Transportable Left Foot Accelerator is a driving aid system designed to assist disabled drivers who can only use their left foot for braking and accelerating.
It is an ultra-light auxiliary, affordable system, made of non-corrosive materials, and can be conveniently and compactly stowed in a special pouch.
Installation takes just a few minutes, mounting the device on the vehicle floor and easily adjusting it to suit the driver. Installation does not require any special skills, and the device is suitable for most automatic vehicles.
Using our Transportable Left Foot Accelerator gives you the freedom to choose almost any car brand, with no restrictions and without the need to customize the car before use.
Don't be unprepared; always have one in your possession!

Technical Data

 Weight: 1.5kg
Size: 30 X 35 X 5 cm
Material: aluminum, Stainless steel and Marine grade Plywood