Portable Hand Control

Left Side Hand Control
The Transportable Left Side Hand Control is a driving aid system designed to assist disabled drivers who can only accelerate and brake manually.
It is an ultra-light auxiliary, affordable system, made of non-corrosive materials, and comes in a set together with a swivel knob – which enables one-handed steering, and a special pouch – for convenient transporting.
Installation takes just a few minutes, requiring no tools or special skills, and it can be fitted in most automatic vehicles by:
• Clamping the connecting rods to the corresponding pedals
• Strapping the clamps (for safety)
• Adjusting the length of the rod and strapping the system to the steering column.
Using our Transportable Left Side Hand Control frees you from being restricted to one car. Whether in a rented or borrowed car, at home or abroad – don’t be unprepared, always have one in your possession!

Technical Data
Weight: 1kg
Size (folded): ø 8 X 40 cm
Material: aluminum and stainless steel